The fortress on the Danube

The fortress on the Danube


Ingolstadt is viewed as the world’s largest open-air museum of German fortress architecture. Drink in the spirit of history and feel the drumming of hooves on a guided tour of the former Bavarian state fortress of Ingolstadt.

Ingolstadt has a history stretching back centuries as a fortified city. All that remains of the first set of city walls, erected in the 13th century, is just a small section, but the second set, dating to the 15th century, is still almost entirely preserved to this day. The towers and gates are especially worth seeing; the best known among them are the Feldkirchener Tor gate, the Taschenturm tower, and the Kreuztor gateway – the hallmark of Ingolstadt. Even more impressive are the 19th-century cavaliers and casemates. The imposing buildings of the remaining part of the former Bavarian state fortress of Ingolstadt are built in the classicist style. Erected by well-known architect Leo von Klenze, the local fortress (“die Schanz”) was intended as a refuge for the Bavarian royal family in case of war.

As part of this package offer, you can participate in a public guided tour focusing on the Ingolstadt fortress free of charge. These fortress tours will teach you everything you might want to know about Ingolstadt’s history as a fortified city. You will also view one or more fortifications (depending on the specific subject of your chosen tour) and explore a world that is both fascinating and daunting. Tours are available with the following subjects:

  • Rechberg Front
  • Ingolstadt Fortress I: Ingolstadt’s defenses from the Gothic Period to the Renaissance
  • Ingolstadt Fortress II: Klenze’s structures
  • Ingolstadt Fortress III: Cavaliers, fronts, and soldiers
  • Building blocks of a state fortress (bike tour)
  • Scherbelberg Bunker

Specific dates for 2015 are listed online at

Number of nights1
Additional pricing information3.5-star hotel, including participation in a public guided tour on the subject of the Ingolstadt fortress and a visit to the Bavarian Army Museum (Bayerisches Armeemuseum) in the Neues Schloss (New Castle) (Bavarian State Exhibition on Napoleon and Bavaria April 30 – October 31, 2015)
Valid datesFebruary – November 2015