Exploring the Danube Valley by boat

Exploring the Danube Valley by boat


The Danube to the west and east of the Danube Gap (Donaudurchbruch) offers a unique natural spectacle, making it perfect for a wide range of canoe trips and to explore by boat.

A unique natural landscape

The Danube is allowed to flow wild and free for 23 kilometers between Vohburg and Weltenburg. In this section, it can – unhindered by artificial structures – flood the banks when the water is high, flowing through species-rich riparian forests and wetland meadows and creating a unique natural landscape.


Bavaria’s first nature conservation area: the Weltenburg Narrows (Weltenburger Enge)

Just downstream from Weltenburg Abbey, there is a striking change in the river landscape: for just under 4.5 km, the Danube winds between the towering cliffs – at heights of up to 70 m – of the Weltenburg Narrows (Weltenburger Enge). The Weltenburg Narrows nature conservation area was the first nature conservation area in Bavaria to receive the European Diploma of Protected Areas, which the Council of Europe awarded in 1978 in recognition of the area’s importance to the local region and beyond.

Historic sites along the river

The river landscape changes once again just past Kelheim: an 18.5-kilometer stretch of the river, from the mouth of the Main-Danube Canal in Kelheim all the way to Bad Abbach, has been developed for navigation. But the appeal of a boat trip on the Danube is due to more than just its unique natural landscape, which merits protection. The historic sites along the river are also worth a visit. From Neustadt and the Roman fort of Abusina, near Eining, to the Benedictine abbey of Weltenburg with its famed church designed by the Asam brothers and the Wittelsbach city of Kelheim. To relax after exploring the area’s cultural attractions and physical exertion, try the bath complex in Bad Gögging or the Inselbad swimming complex and Kaiser-Therme baths and hot springs in Bad Abbach.

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