A city with a history of brewcraft: 43 beers, 4 breweries, 1 city

The “beer culture city” of Ehingen offers a wealth of experiences found nowhere else in the area. Four historic independent breweries form a brilliant mosaic of fine beer products and attractions related to the art of brewing. You won’t be disappointed!

Welcome to the “beer culture city,” a town with a history of brewcraft! 43 beers, 4 breweries, and a wealth of tourist and cultural offerings having to do with all aspects of beer and brewing await you in our fair city. The connection between beer and culture opens up interesting new perspectives, which is why the “beer culture city” project idea won the award for the best idea in culinary and gourmet tourism for the state of Baden-Württemberg.

A wide range of activities and attractions
The “beer culture city” of Ehingen offers a wealth of experiences related to brewcraft that is found nowhere else in Baden-Württemberg! Four historic independent breweries give local residents and guests alike a chance to immerse themselves in the rich and colorful history of beer in the local area. From brewery tours and brewing seminars to the beer-themed hiking route, beer biking, the BierKulturHotel, exhibitions, presentations, and travel packages – there’s something for everyone!

Multimedia “beer culture” city tour
Use the highly regarded free Ehingen app to experience the “beer culture” city tour by smartphone, complete with pictures, text, and audio – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Germany’s loveliest beer-themed trail
Our 14-kilometer beer-themed trail was named one of Germany’s 30 nicest hiking routes by Wandermagazin. It deftly brings together a wide range of attractions and activities to form a single brilliant mosaic of beer and culture. Hikers are especially impressed by the link between experiencing nature, culture, and beer. The “beer culture” city tour is skillfully combined with enjoyment, relaxation, and superb views of the Alps, the Danube Valley, and Upper Swabia’s “holy mountain,” Bussen. We hope you enjoy this unique culinary hiking experience!