A paradise for hikers and walkers in the land of the DonauWelle trail

Rediscover the DonauWelle (Danube Wave) trail! In this area, five new premium trails and three high-quality trails invite hikers and walkers to enjoy at the highest level. The highest mountains, the deepest valleys in the Swabian Jura – the Donaubergland, a mountainous area between the source of the Danube, the Danube Sinkhole (Donauversickerung) and the “Swabian Grand Canyon,” where the young Danube carves its way through a steep gorge, awaits you with breathtaking vistas in a beautiful natural landscape.

The Donaubergland area between Geisingen and Sigmaringen has become one of Baden-Württemberg’s top destinations for hiking and walking in recent years. Premium routes and top circular trails, like the five “DonauWelle” trails, are joined by attractive long-distance trails such as the Donauberglandweg (Danube Peaks Trail), promising literally breathtaking hiking and walking experiences, whether through the Danube Valley, on the western edge of the Swabian Jura (the Albtrauf) or through the Swabian Jura highlands and the Baar region. Enjoy hiking excursions to the area boasting ten thousand-meter peaks or through the “Swabian Grand Canyon,” with or without a guide.
Many people know the Donaubergland area from traveling on the first stage of the Danube biking trail from just past the source of the Danube to shortly before Sigmaringen, recalling their journey through the landscape of the Upper Danube Nature Park (Naturpark Obere Donau) with great enthusiasm. Those who dare to turn off this wonderful cycling route now and then and explore one of the side valleys or even one of the ridges can discover a whole new side of the area on 16 different bike routes. There are tours for all levels, from family tours to cave tours and bar-hopping, from the museum tour to the “Königsetappe,” a truly challenging route for athletes.

42 cities and towns around Tuttlingen invite guests to relax and enjoy their surroundings. In the heart of a major hub of economic activity in Baden-Württemberg – centering on Tuttlingen, which has been called a “world center of medical technology” featuring “global companies against a green background” – the young Danube winds around the heights of the western Swabian Jura.
The Danube is already unique for the simple reason that it flows into not one, but two seas: it feeds Lake Constance and the Rhine to flow onwars into the North Sea (truly!) year-round, and for about two-thirds of the year it empties into the Black Sea, as we all learned in school. In Immendingen, located in the Donaubergland area near the Danube Sinkhole (known in German as the Donauversinkung or Donauversickerung), the waters of the Danube find their own way through the soil.

This means the Danube is definitely not navigable here – far from it – but further downstream, by the time you reach Hausen im Tal, not far from the Abbey of Beuron, the Danube Valley can be explored at least by canoe or kayak all the way to Sigmaringen. And climbers will find an excellent setting for their sport on the posted routes along the gleaming white chalk cliffs lining the Danube.

Anyone who would like to trade in a bike and explore the landscape on smaller wheels instead will find attractive routes along the Danube for inline skating. And, of course, the huge indoor inline skating arena in Geisingen, right on the Danube, is practically a must for skating enthusiasts, whether just to visit or for training. Amateur skaters can enjoy their hobby right where the global stars of the inline skating elite train and international competitions are held.

Get active and explore the land of the DonauWelle trails!