The city at the source of the Danube

Donaueschingen, located on the edge of the Black Forest, draws visitors with special features related to the local landscape and...

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Experience culture and medieval life up close

Even from a distance, the view of Messkirch is dominated by the castle of the counts von Zimmern and the Baroque church of St. Martin....

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Bad Buchau

On the Federsee lake, between Ulm and Lake Constance

The Federsee lake is a natural paradise, especially for birds. The Federsee Museum features a Stone Age village and presents...

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A city with a history of brewcraft: 43 beers, 4 breweries, 1 city

The “beer culture city” of Ehingen offers a wealth of experiences found nowhere else in the area. Four historic independent breweries...

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A lively spot since time immemorial

Surrounded by forested hills and steep crags, Blaubeuren, the city known for the famous Blautopf spring, lies picturesquely cupped in the...

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Twin cities on the Danube

Ulm is famed throughout Germany as the star of its own tongue twister – “in Ulm, um Ulm und um Ulm herum.” No matter how you say...

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